Mission and Goals

To deepen understanding of the breadth, complexity, and diversity of Ukrainian-Jewish relations over the centuries, with a view to the future. More specifically, to enable the two peoples to:

  • Understand each other’s historical experience and narratives;
  • Address embedded stereotypes;
  • Promote mutual awareness of the extended periods of peaceful coexistence, cooperation and cross-cultural interaction;
  • Deepen knowledge and understanding of the periods of crisis, in particular the Shoah, and the destructive effects of totalitarian Communism, notably the Holodomor and the Great Terror;
  • Take appropriate action to honour the victims of Nazism and of Soviet rule; and
  • Contribute to strengthened national identities on the basis of greater Ukrainian-Jewish understanding and mutual respect.

NOTE: The UJE does not necessarily endorse articles posted on its website and Facebook page. Such articles and documents, however, are posted to promote the discussion related to Ukrainian-Jewish interactions and relations. Both the website and Facebook page will be a place of information that reflects varied viewpoints.