Planned Activities

  • A travelling exhibit (working title: "Side by Side: the Ukrainian Jewish Encounter over the Centuries in Old and New Homelands") will be mounted in 2015 in four Canadian cities initially – Toronto, Winnipeg, Edmonton and Montreal. The core content for the exhibits will consist of adaptations to exhibit format of some of the audio-visual material developed for the website – in particular, the interactive Historical Timeline, the Virtual Tour, and the multi-media presentations on cultural aspects of the Ukrainian-Jewish encounter. In each city, this core content will be supplemented by material reflecting the local history of the two communities. In conjunction with the exhibits, there would also be public lectures or panel discussions and evening performances (music, film, theatre). A second phase would include adaptations of the exhibit and events for cities in Ukraine, Israel, and the U.S. (NYC and Chicago).
  • Further roundtable discussions in the Shared Historical Narrative series to address themes relating to the experience of post-war Soviet rule, independence, and contemporary politics of history and memory.
  • Online course modules in cooperation with university programs in Europe and North America, and educational resources for wider dissemination.
  • Events focused on youth.
  • Events to raise awareness about Ukrainians who sheltered or otherwise acted to save Jews during World War II.
  • Events to commemorate and celebrate the legacy of Metropolitan Sheptytsky.