What We Do

Types of Activities

UJE’s focus is on three fundamental, mutually supportive sets of activities:

  • Scholarly and educational initiatives, in particular, the development of a “shared historical narrative” that engages leading scholars and experts from around the world to produce a truthful and insightful account of the Ukrainian-Jewish relationship over the centuries;
  • Creation of a range of products and events informed by the shared historical narrative, designed to reach wide audiences in Ukraine, Israel, and the diasporas. These include web-based resources; books and other publications on relevant themes; multi-media exhibits, podcasts, and educational materials; documentary films; seminars, conferences, public meetings and events; and special projects;
  • Advocacy on issues that have the potential of addressing historic wounds, such as restoring awareness about prewar Jewish life on Ukrainian lands; acknowledging authoritative scholarly findings regarding the past in Ukraine; and protection and respectful treatment of mass grave sites.

Since its inception, UJE has inaugurated and supported a variety of well-received projects to advance understanding between Ukrainians and Jews. These activities are carried out in a highly collaborative manner, utilizing networks of experts and respected institutional partners, and building on existing initiatives.