Shared Historical Narrative

Development of a shared historical narrative

The UJE’s shared historical narrative project envisions a single text covering Ukrainian-Jewish interaction and relations over the centuries on which respected and acknowledged experts basically agree. The goal is to provide the context necessary for an empathetic and nuanced understanding of the history, inclusive of normal times and times of crisis.

To achieve such a shared narrative, the UJE has convened leading scholars/experts from around the world in a phased series of roundtable discussions and working conferences, at which key issues in the shared history have been addressed. Since 2009, these roundtables and conferences have engaged a network of close to two hundred scholars/experts in a discussion of issues from the sixteenth century to the end of World War II. Further roundtables will treat the postwar Soviet period and the period since Ukrainian independence.

A description of the shared historical narrative project is to be found here. Information regarding the participants and the programs of the roundtables and working conferences to date are to be found here.