We are grateful to the many talented people who have chosen to help us fulfill our mandate. A distinguished group of academics, business leaders, policy makers, and area specialists recruited from around the world help guide the path of the Ukrainian Jewish Encounter. Based in North America, Europe, and Israel, the UJE community provides diverse global perspectives on the complex and challenging issues informing our work.

The UJE Board of Directors is currently composed of seven members who bring an impressive range of knowledge and experience in overseeing our mission, strategy, and operations.  The twenty-four members of the Advisory Board, hailing from the spheres of higher education, business, law, government, the arts, and religion, offer invaluable guidance. The seventeen scholars of the Academic Council are leading experts in their respective fields and provide a multiplicity of viewpoints.  

All these components in the leadership of the UJE provide a framework of oversight that ensures a highly committed staff launch initiatives and execute a wide array of programs in the most effective manner.