Haaretz: An Israeli wine tells the story of a Ukrainian war hero

Shimon Briman writes: Traumatized after fighting in Donbas, Kostiantyn 'Kostia' Mrochko found solace working on an organic farm in Israel. Last year, he went back to fight the Russian invasion and was killed by a rocket that hit his tank. His Israeli friends decided to honor him with a wine made from the grapes in the vineyards he planted.

In the pastoral foothills of Mount Carmel, young clusters of grapes are filling up with juices, almost ready to be turned into fresh wine this autumn. On the left is a vineyard that produces red wine; on the right, a vineyard that produces white. Both were planted at an organic farm called Lev Adam by a group of men, including Kostiantyn Mrochko, called Kostia by friends, in 2018.

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