The illusion of compromise. Concessions to Russia proposed by the NYT will defeat the West

Ukrainians in New York Protest against Russian invasion of Ukraine. February 24, 2022, New York, USA. (Copyright: xNiyixFotex)

At a time when the world is experiencing the greatest security crisis since World War II, when a nuclear power and a permanent member of the UN Security Council is waging a regional war in Ukraine and does not hide its desire to extend its aggression (which Moscow calls "expansion of its sphere of influence") to other states.

But there is another challenge on a way to fight the tyrant.

In recent days, several Western opinion leaders and politicians have written publications and statements that share a common theme. They seek to mollify Putin by partially satisfying his appetites, at the expense of Ukraine and Ukrainians. They call for a "small" sacrifice which would save the world from "a big threat".

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