Viktor Yushchenko: Ukraine needs a complete victory now. I believe that the Ukrainian World Congress #UniteWithUkraine campaign is one of our most relevant

Ukraine’s third president Viktor Yushchenko addressed the world to rally support for Ukraine on the sixty-third day of Russia’s full-scale military invasion. President Yushchenko called for the global community — friends of Ukraine everywhere — to support UWC’s #UniteWithUkraine fundraising campaign that outfits Ukraine’s frontline defenders who risk their lives every day.

Mr. Yushchenko stressed that Ukraine needed a complete victory to clean the butchers from Ukrainian land and to restore full sovereignty to Ukrainian territory on the birth of its independence on August 24, 1991.

Mr. Yushchenko called upon the entire Ukrainian global community — all the Ukrainians in the motherland joined by the Ukrainian-loving community abroad, scattered across the globe like white flowers — to take action now.

President Yushchenko specifically called out the #UniteWithUkraine campaign as one of the most relevant to meet Ukraine’s immediate needs. “Unite With Ukraine brings together Ukrainians in Ukraine, Ukrainians abroad and friends of Ukraine across the world. This initiative is designed to help our Kozaks — our troops.”

Speaking about Ukrainian World Congress, Mr. Yushchenko emphasized, “This is an organization you can trust, with which you can communicate at any time, day or night.” Mr. Yushchenko pointed out that UCW works on a transparent basis so that donors and partners can monitor the use of resources to ensure the achievement of initiative goals.

President Yushchenko urged everyone to unite during this very difficult time and to support #UniteWithUkraine to the best of one’s ability.

#UniteWithUkraine works every day to protect the lives of the men and women fighting for freedom, human rights and the dignity of Ukraine.  Please donate today at UniteWithUkraine.