Video: Night Songs from a Neighbouring Village: a Visual Representation

This video was created by the Los Angeles-based artist and educator Benny Ferdman in 2010. It was inspired by, and features music from a unique concert program, “Night Songs from a Neighboring Village”, composed and performed by Michael Alpert, Julian Kytasty, and their Winnipeg colleague, singer-producer Alexis Kochan. In 2010, Michael (violin, voice) and Julian (bandura, voice) performed the concert at a conference on Ukrainian-Jewish interaction in various cultural domains, which was mounted by the Ukrainian Jewish Encounter in Jerusalem in cooperation with the Israel Museum and the Hebrew University. As a duo and in partnership with other musical ensembles, Michael and Julian have been collaborating since 1994 on “Night Songs,” as a series of musical dialogues juxtaposing Ukrainian and Jewish musical traditions in Ukraine.