Presentation of Grzegorz Gauden’s Book “Lviv: the End of Illusions”

Grzegorz Gauden, Lviv: the End of Illusions, Lviv, 19 September 2019, (In Ukrainian and Polish).

Ukrainian Jewish Encounter (UJE) is a Canadian philanthropic organization that has been working since 2008 to strengthen relations between our two peoples. This year marks the sixth time we are presenting our organization’s initiatives and projects to the participants and visitors of the 26 BookForum in Lviv, and, in the interests of a broader international dialogue, supporting discussions around books that reinforce and affirm the values we disseminate.

On 19 September 2019, the 26 BookForum featured a presentation of the Polish-language book Lviv: the End of Illusions. Written by renowned journalist Grzegorz Gauden, the book is about the 1918 pogroms in Lviv. The event took place in participation with moderator and translator Andriy Pavlyshyn. The book is currently being translated into Ukrainian.