Ukrainian Style Conquers Tel Aviv

More than 500 Israelis took part in the very successful Ukrainian Style festival on November 6 in Tel Aviv. Despite raining cats and dogs, the Havana Club was packed with guests. It turned out that Ukrainian motifs are nowadays in vogue among Israelis. Dozens of people visited the event wearing embroidered shirts.

The Israeli Friends of Ukraine NGO organized the festival with the support of the Ukrainian Jewish Encounter initiative of Canada. They developed a fascinating program, hosted by the renowned reporter Daria Nenakhova from Channel 9 of Israel Television, and featuring Ukrainian fashion specialties, presentations of ethnic-style products, a performance by the Kyiv-based Frayda folk band, and lots of humor from Ilya Axelrod.


Text, photos, and video: Shimon Briman (Israel)

Translation: Miriam Feyga Bunimovich, translator