The Meridian: Chernivtsi

Chernivtsi inspires the imagination. Sitting at the crossroads of great empires, this western Ukrainian city located in the country’s famed Bukovyna region was home to a myriad of writers, artists, musicians and ethnic groups, each who left their imprint on the city. To better acquaint our readers with this gem, over the next several weeks we will run a series of articles dedicated to the era and movements that made – and still make – this city great.

We begin with a more personal view of Chernivtsi shared by Ukrainian Jewish Encounter board member Prof. Wolf Moskovich. Born and educated in Chernivtsi, Prof. Moskovich later left the place of his birth and embarked on an academic career that brought him worldwide acclaim. Yet, while his memories of speak of a time passed, they also show why Chernivtsi remains immortal, and why Paul Celan, perhaps its greatest poet, called the city his Meridian.