UJE Babyn Yar Memorial Space – Necropolis Competition, Day 3

September 29, 2016 marked the 75th anniversary of the murder of 34,000 Jews that occurred at Babyn Yar, a ravine on the outskirts of Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. Like Auschwitz in Poland, Babyn Yar in Ukraine has become a major symbol of the destruction of Europe’s Jews during the Holocaust.

From September 23-29, 2016, the Ukrainian Jewish Encounter, a Canada-based non-governmental organization, working in cooperation with the World Jewish Congress, Ukraine’s government, and other Ukrainian Jewish and diaspora organizations, sponsored a series of public events commemorating the atrocities that occurred at Babyn Yar. The events include a youth conference, a public symposium, a memorial space competition, and a commemorative concert.

An important initiative of the Babyn Yar Commemoration was holding an international landscape design competition to present ideas that would transform Babyn Yar into a historic preservation site: a necropolis or sacred place of memory honoring those buried beneath its grounds. UJE Chairman of the Board James C. Temerty (right) awarded the competition winners, who can be found  here. UJE Board Member Berel Rodal (left) also participated in the ceremony.

The following is a video presentation of the results of the UJE Babyn Yar Memorial Space—Necropolis Competition which took place in Kyiv on September 28, 2016.

Wednesday, September 28 2016

Babyn Yar Memorial Space Necropolis
International Landscape Design Competition
(in English and Ukrainian)


0:00 – 7:55
Introductory Remarks
Dr. Vitalii Nakhmanovych (Ukraine)


8:00 – 43:00
Documentary Film Screening
 “Babyn Yar in Search of Memory”
(Volodymyr Cheppel, director, Ukraine, 2016)


43:00 – 1:02:20
Remarks by Competition Organizers
Ukrainian Jewish Encounter
National Union of Architects of Ukraine
Ukrainian Institute of National Remembrance
Department for Urban Planning and Architecture
City of Kyiv State Administration


1:02:25 – 1:17:00
Remarks by Representatives of the Jury
Olivier Philippe, International Union of Architects (France)
Serhiy Tselovalnyk, Chief Architect of Kyiv, 2010-2015 (Ukraine)


0:10 – 56:30
Presentation of the Winning Project Designs
Second place: Miloš Koseć, Nejc Lebar, Maja Valentić (Slovenia)
Second place: Glenn Pouliquen (France)
Third place: Peter Miles, Miriam Gusevich (USA)


57:30 – 1:46:50
Conversation with the Competition Winners


1:46:50 – 2:05:41
Closing Remarks
Ministry of Culture of Ukraine
Ukrainian Jewish Encounter


“Genocide in World History”
Professor Norman Naimark (USA)
(presentation in English)
Adrian Karatnycky (USA)


The full conference program is here.