Ukrainian Jewish Encounter at the XI Ukrainian World Congress

James Constantine Temerty, the head of the Board of Directors of Ukrainian Jewish Encounter (UJE), and Adrian Karatnycky, co-director of UJE, took part in the work of the XI Ukrainian World Congress (SKU), which was held in Kyiv on 24–27 November 2018.

During the session on 27 November, James Temerty and Adrian Karatnycky discussed current questions concerning Ukrainian national memory policy globally, mutual understanding, and cooperation between Ukrainians in the diaspora and ethnic and religious communities in countries around the world. Eugene Czolij, President of the SKU; Stefan Romaniw, General-Secretary of the SKU; Volodymyr Viatrovych, head of the Ukrainian Institute of National Memory; Yaroslava Khortiani, First Vice-President of the SKU; Yaroslava Halyk, head of the World Federation of Ukrainian Lemko Associations; Ihor Mykhalchyshyn, representative of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress; and others took part in the discussions.