Video: Jeffrey Saks on Agnon, Buchach and literary ties

Ukrainian Jewish Encounter, the Agnon Literary Center (Buchach, Ukraine) and the NGO "Publishers Forum" (Lviv, Ukraine) are supporters of the First International Agnon Festival, which will be held live via Zoom and Facebook between June 21, 2021–June 23, 2021. The panel "Ukrainian authors in Buchach" will feature Andrei Kurkov and Vasyl Makhno on Wednesday, June 23 at 19:00 Jerusalem and Kyiv time, 12:00 in New York. The festival promises three days of enlightening discussions about the legacies of Buchach-born Nobel Prize laureate SY Agnon and others. The full program is available here.

In the following video, Jeffrey Saks, Director of Research at Jerusalem's Agnon House discusses Agnon's life and works, and growing literary ties between Buchach and Jerusalem.

(Subtitles available)