A lively celebration of Ukraine's Independence day in Israel under rocket fire

Despite the sudden arrival of an unwelcome guest, Israeli friends of Ukraine enthusiastically marked the Independence Day of Ukraine on August 22 in Tel Aviv’s Park ha-Yarkon. More than two hundred Israelis, together with the Ambassador of Ukraine Gennady Nadolenko, gathered in a celebration sponsored by the “Israel Supports Ukraine” group. This party, like other events in support of Ukraine, was attended not only by people who originally came to Israel from Ukraine, but also by those who don't have a Ukrainian background but found it important to express their support. Participants included former citizens of Moscow and St. Petersburg who expressed compassion and solidarity with the Revolution of Dignity and Ukraine's striving for freedom and justice. The venue was decorated with flags of Ukraine and Israel and dozens of people with symbols of Ukraine participated in bicycle racing around the park.

During the festivities at 18:00 a siren sounded, warning of an incoming rocket attack on Tel Aviv from terrorists in Gaza. Interestingly, numerous participants didn't run for shelter but remained in the park and accompanied the siren by shouts of “Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes!” The rocket was eventually destroyed safely in the sky over the park.

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Photos courtesy of Israel Supports Ukraine Facebook Group.

Israel Ukraine-Indep-Day Tel-Aviv2 22.08.2014


Israel Ukraine-Indep-Day Tel-Aviv4 22.08.2014


Israel Ukraine-Indep-Day Tel-Aviv6 22.08.2014


Israel Ukraine-Indep-Day Tel-Aviv7 22.08.2014


Israel Ukraine-Indep-Day Tel-Aviv9 22.08.2014


Israel Ukraine-Indep-Day Tel-Aviv10 22.08.2014


Israel Ukraine-Indep-Day Tel-Aviv Symbol 22.08.2014

Poster of Ukrainian Independence Day in Israel

Israel Ukraine-Indep-Day Tel-Aviv Ambassador Nadolenko family 22.08.2014

Ukrainian Ambassador Gennady Nadolenko and his family

Shimon Briman and Miriam-Feyga Bunimovich