Announcing a new column: “Overcoming the Past”

Petro Dolhanov

Thanks to the support of the privately organized, multinational initiative Ukrainian Jewish Encounter (UJE), a new column entitled “Overcoming the Past” has been introduced on the website of Ukraїna Moderna.

The new column is designed to promote the reconceptualization of the tragic legacy of the genocides that took place on the territory of Ukraine and to overcome their consequences. Achieving national reconciliation and forming value-based reference points in modern Ukrainian society, which minimize the possibility that such crimes will be repeated in the future, are the key visions on which the project will focus.

The editor of the column “Overcoming the Past” is Petro Dolhanov.

Petro Dolhanov is a historian, Candidate of Historical Sciences, a lecturer in Political Science at Rivne State University of Humanities, and a member of the NGO “CSMP Mnemonics.” In 2010 he defended his dissertation on “Ukrainian Economic Nationalism in the Western Ukrainian Lands: 1919–1939.” He is the author of the monograph Svii do svoho po svoie: Sotsial′no-ekonomichnyi vymir natsiietvorchykh stratehii ukraїntsiv u mizhvoiennii Pol′shchi (Our Own People to Our Own for Our Own: The Socioeconomic Dimension of the Nation-Building Strategy of Ukrainians in Interwar Poland), and the co-author of the book Misto pam’iati—misto zabuttia: Palimpsesty memorial′noho landshaftu Rivnoho (Town of Memory—Town of Oblivion: Palimpsests of the Memorial Landscape of Rivne). He organizes training sessions, roundtables, press conferences, and scholarly conferences on historical and political topics. Dolhanov is the author of academic and semi-popular texts on history and the politics of memory. His research interests include the theory and practice of nationalism, the history of the Holocaust, and the economic factors influencing the behavior of the local population during the Holocaust on the territory of western Ukraine.