Donbas War film Screened in Belarus

The Kharkiv branch of the Zionist youth organization “Ha-Shomer Ha-Tsair” shot the short film So. Dom. Bass. The movie was screened at a festival of Jewish short cinema in Minsk, Belarus on December 13-14, 2014. The young actors were nonprofessionals.

The name of the movie combines the words Sodom and Donbass (Dombass—as some separatists incorrectly say). The eight- minute movie, constructed in an allegorical form, is based on the story in the Torah where Abraham asks God not to destroy Sodom if in the city there are some righteous persons.

The main characters include the 20-year-old Leonid Belman as Lot and two girls as Lot’s daughters, who are refugees from Donetsk. One girl supports the Russian aggression and hates all Ukrainians. The heroes of the movie reflect on those who are responsible for the disasters that have befallen their city.

Leonid leaves for war in the Ukrainian army and perishes near the airport of Donetsk.

By Shimon Briman

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