Israel’s Knesset TV reports on pro-Ukrainian march in Tel Aviv

The Israeli Parliament’s television channel covered the pro-Ukrainian march in Tel-Aviv on 18 September 2014, which was organized by the “Israel Supports Ukraine” group and led by Ilya Sokolov. Yana Suriadna, the foreign affairs correspondent of the channel who was born in Dnipropetrovsk, reports:

"Today Israelis gathered in Tel Aviv, protesting against Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. There are activists of the pro-Ukrainian group on Facebook.

The president of Ukraine has taken very active steps in the United States and Canada to advance the Ukrainian position. [Petro] Poroshenko urged the U.S. to strengthen sanctions against Russia and to provide military and economic aid to Ukraine.

Russia continues to pressure EU countries and move troops to the borders of Ukraine.”

Ukraine’s Ambassador to Israel Hennady Nadolenko commented:

"The Embassy of Ukraine has tried to change Israel’s official position, but we haven’t yet succeeded in shifting them from neutrality. We hope Israeli officials will support Ukraine."

The Hebrew-language report can be viewed below

By Shimon Briman