Anti-Jewish brochure printed in Moscow

An anti-Jewish publication by Vladimir Matveev entitled Zionism and its role in the organization of the Euromaidan and the split of Ukraine has been published in Moscow with a print run of one thousand copies. Matveev is a political scientist from Kyiv who critics accuse of anti-Semitism and supporting Russia’s influence in Ukraine.

A man reads the brochure on the Moscow subway.

The booklet outlines the “role of the Zionist, Jewish organizations in Ukraine and events of the Euromaidan” and offers the general conclusion that Jews and Zionists are secret conspirators who direct the revolution in Ukraine.

Examples from the publication’s contents include attempts to reconstruct Khazaria on part of Ukraine; the role of the Dnipropetrovsk Judaic community; the position of Ukraine’s chief rabbis concerning the Euromaidan and the situation that has developed in the country; the role of Jews in the pornography industry and the attack on traditional foundations of society; and the role of Israeli intelligence services in Ukraine.

Shimon Briman