Tucker Carlson and Ukraine: Undoing the Reagan legacy

Carlson's influential anti-Ukrainian stance and pro-Russian cheerleading are hard to explain.

As Russia's war on Ukraine nears its second year, no American commentator has been more well-received by the war-making Russian state than Tucker Carlson. His commentaries on Ukraine, Russia, the "feebleness" of Joe Biden, and even gender politics are widely rebroadcast and discussed by Russian media, most of which are state-owned and all of which are state-controlled. Carlson even has his own Russian-dubbed YouTube channel, Taker Karlson na russkom ("Tucker Carlson in Russian"), which has nearly one million subscribers and is linked to a television station in the Khanty-Mansi region of Western Siberia. Coincidentally, the channel was launched on Feb. 26, two days after Russia launched an all-out war on Ukraine.

By Adrian Karatnycky

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