Now in PDF: Makhno's bilingual poetry collection "A Private Interpretation of History"

Vasyl Makhno is a Ukrainian poet, novelist, and essayist who is a laureate of many awards, including "Encounter: The Ukrainian-Jewish Literary Prize"™ (2020), sponsored by the Canadian charitable non-profit organization Ukrainian Jewish Encounter (UJE) with the support of the NGO "Publishers' Forum" (Lviv, Ukraine). He traveled to Israel in June 2023 to research a new novel and present his poetry, which included a bilingual Hebrew-Ukrainian volume titled A Private Interpretation of History. Although published in 2017, it was the first time Makhno was able to present the book and meet with audiences in Israel.

The book is now available in PDF format, with the permission of the author and publisher.

UJE supported both Makhno's trip and the book's publication.

Click here for the PDF.