Petro Rykhlo: Poetics of dialogue. Paul Celan's work as an intertext

The book of the German literary critic and translator Petro Rykhlo introduces the reader to the polyphonic sound of Paul Celan's poetry, structured according to the principle of multi-layered intellectual and emotional palimpsests when the author's text reveals the presence of other texts that were impulses, catalysts, associative parallels, or polemical objects for the poet. It reproduces not only the aesthetic genesis of this lyric but also shows its uncompromising confrontation with its era, exhausted by the desire for unconditional truth, which witnessed the collapse of humanistic ideals and an unprecedented devaluation of moral values, the tragic embodiment of which was the catastrophe of the Holocaust. All this makes Celan's poetry consistent with the intense spiritual search of the modern age, its adequate lyrical expression.

For literary critics, philosophers, cultural experts, students, and everyone who is interested in the patterns of development of world literature.

The work of Ivan Ostafychuk is reproduced on the cover.

This Ukrainian-language book belongs to the Dukh i Litera digital library project.

The publication can be accessed in a PDF format here.