"The Jewish King"

“In the collection of poems The Jewish King, Oleksandr Averbuch offers, or more precisely invents, writing in which memory and oblivion are tightly intertwined, forgetting and remembering, creation and resuscitation. This is an intertwined panorama of an intimate, private history that connects close family voices with completely foreign voices, but which at the same time are understandable. Combining modernist traditions with documentary writing, these poems reveal the most acute problems and the most painful, unspoken topics: Jewish catastrophes during pogroms and the Holocaust, displaced ostarbeiters with homes lost, and ultimately, language that constantly changes but always remains if not the only tool able to convey these experiences.”

Ostap Kin

This Ukrainian-language book belongs to the Dukh i Litera digital library project.

The publication can be accessed in a PDF format here.