UJE at BookForum 2021: Prolegomena to the celebration of Bruno Schulz's 130th anniversary in Lviv

A star of BookForum 2021, Nobel Prize Laureate Olga Tokarczuk, in conversation with Ostap Slyvynsky, said that for her, the person who sets the standard for defining the literature of Central and Eastern Europe could be Bruno Schulz. "I know a Canadian who went to Poland in search of his roots. He also visited Ukraine. Somewhere en route, he bought a book by Bruno Schulz in English and fell in love with him. He said that he had never read anything so strange before. I think that this perception of the world, as created by Schulz, as he described it, conveyed it through language, expresses metaphorically and symbolically that which is Central-Eastern European. Configured for constant changes and mistrustful of reality, it constantly monitors reality in language."

Researching the works of Bruno Schulz and promoting awareness of them was the subject of a discussion that took place on 17 September 2021 with the support of the Canadian charitable non-profit organization Ukrainian Jewish Encounter, during which the historian and translator Andriy Pavlyshyn and the journalist Peter Zalmayev talked about the books that they themselves have written in order to spread the word about Schulz's work, each in his own way.

Prolegomena to the celebration of Bruno Schulz's 130th anniversary in Lviv, 28 BookForum, 17 September 2021