Video: Vladislav Davidzon's book on Ukrainian-Jewish relations presented in New York, Toronto, and Frankfurt

Journalist Vladislav Davidzon is the author of a newly published collection of essays titled Jewish-Ukrainian Relations and the Birth of a Political Nation: Selected Writing 2013-2023 (Ibidem Verlag, Stuttgart, 2023). The Paris-based writer appeared recently in New York, Toronto, and Frankfurt to discuss his new book, memory and politics in Ukraine, and the future of Ukrainian-Jewish relations. Below are videos of his presentations held in cooperation with the Ukrainian Jewish Encounter and partner organizations, which include New York's Shevchenko Scientific Society, and the Kumf Gallery and Kontakt TV of Toronto.

The publication of Davidzon's book was supported by UJE. It can be ordered online here in North America or here in Europe.

New York: Jewish-Ukrainian Relations and the Birth of a Political Nation (moderated by Adrian Karatnycky, UJE Co-Director and Board Member, 18 November 2023)


Toronto: Contemporary Ukrainian Emigree & Diaspora Literature (12 November 2023)


Vladislav Davidzon: New book, wars in Ukraine and Israel, and Jewish-Ukrainian relations


Frankfurt: Babyn Yar, Jews and Ukrainians, the birth of a political nation (Vladyslav Davidzon and Natalia A. Feduschak, UJE communications director, in conversation, 21 October 2023)