Video: Reflections on Buchach

Editor’s note: Every year, UJE offers literature to read during the holiday season. Despite Russia’s criminal war against Ukraine, we continue this tradition. Ukrainian literature and culture persevere in the face of extreme difficulties. We offer reflections and essays from the third Agnon Literary Residency in Buchach, Ukraine, during the COVID shutdown before Russia attacked Ukraine. These reflections include sentiments by the literary residents — Boris Khersonskiy, Diana Klotchko, Markian Prohasko — directly affected by Russia’s criminal war. On 18 December 2022, we ran an interview with Boris Khersonskiy, who shared his impressions about the literary residency with Yelyzaveta Tsarehradska of Hromadske Radio’s Zustrichi program. On 19 December 2002, we published a series of essays by the three writers that initially appeared in Ukrainian in the intellectual journal Krytyka with English-language translations. Today, Boris Khersonskiy, Diana Klotchko, Markian Prohasko, and Mariana Maksymiak, director of the Agnon Literary Center, discuss the residency and its resonance in the face of war. (In Ukrainian)