Writers Irena Karpa and Dr. Dmytro Tyshchenko at the Jerusalem Book Fair

The Ukrainian Jewish Encounter sponsored best-selling Ukrainian writer, artist, and television host Irena Karpa and Dr. Dmytro Tyshchenko, the author of a new Yiddish-Ukrainian dictionary, at the 2015 Jerusalem International Book Fair.

Karpa discussed her work within the context of a discussion entitled “We Saw the Night” with Russian writer Alice Bialsky at the Khan Theatre in Jerusalem on February 12, an event that focused on the role of women in the Ukraine’s 2014 Maidan or Revolution of Dignity and afterwards. Karpa was also welcomed by Israel’s pro-Ukrainian community at the Israeli Writers House in Tel Aviv on February 14, an evening of discussion and music co-hosted by the UJE and Israeli Friends of Ukraine.

Tyshchenko presented his dictionary at the Shalom Aleichem Museum in Tel Aviv on February 11, which was followed by the special event “Quo Vadis, Yiddish?” at the Exhibition Hall of the Book Fair in Jerusalem on February 12, 2015.


English-language media:

Irena Karpa in Israel: Meeting the New Ukraine

The young Ukrainian writer, singer, journalist, and television presenter Irena Karpa’s visit to Israel, which featured her participation in the Jerusalem Book Fair and speeches in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, became an outstanding event of the Ukrainian-Israeli cultural dialogue at the beginning of 2015.
“Previously, I was not familiar with Irena and her work,” noted Anna Zharova, the head of the public organization “Israeli Friends of Ukraine,” who shared with UJE her impressions on Karpa’s visit to Israel. “But before she was supposed to arrive, I read her books, watched cartoons, and discovered her interesting personality.”

Irena Karpa and Iryna Slavinska On Israel

Summarizing the events held by the Ukrainian Jewish Encounter in conjunction with the Jerusalem Book Fair in February 2015, Miriam-Feyga Bunimovych talked with Ukrainian writer Irena Karpa and journalist Iryna Slavinska about their experiences and feelings during their stay in the Land of Israel.
MFB: With the exception of the unexpectedly cold weather in Israel, what has impressed you most about this country? Did you have any certain expectations with landscapes, tastes, and encounters, experiences that came true or vice versa? Did you appreciate meeting with the Israeli public, in particular with the group concerned about events in Ukraine?
Iryna Slavinska: One of my memories features the invisible atmospheric boundary between the two worlds of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. This borderline in my mind is bound to visual markers like the unexpected appearance of large billboards advertising Fifty Shades of Grey, a sign of the sudden increase in the degree of secularism. But seriously, my most genuine impression in fact refers to the work of the Israeli Friends of Ukraine. I'm fascinated by these people and how much they do for Ukraine. I think similar interactions between active young people from different countries are the basis for entirely new foreign policy practices in the world in the future.

UJE Presented in Tel Aviv Dr. Dmytro Tyshchenko, Author of the New Yiddish-Ukrainian dictionary

On 11 February 2015 the Ukrainian Jewish Encounter hosted an event with Dr. Dmytro (Motl) Tyshchenko, editor of Ukraine’s Mame-loshn journal (1993-98) and author of the newly published Yiddish-Ukrainian dictionary, at the Shalom Aleichem House in Tel Aviv.
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The new Yiddish-Ukrainian dictionary by the scholar Dmytro Tyshchenko was presented at Kyiv’s Sholem Aleichem Museum.


Dr. Dmytro Tyshchenko talks in Yiddish in Tel Aviv about his new Yiddish-Ukrainian dictionary.

Nash Holos: Yiddish-Ukrainian Dictionary


Media in Ukrainian:

UJE провела у Тель-Авіві зустріч із д‑ром Дмитром Тищенком, автором нового їдиш-українського словника
11 лютого 2015 року «Українсько-єврейська зустріч» провела у тель-авівському Музеї ім. Шолом-Алейхема захід за участю д-ра Дмитра (Мотла) Тищенка, редактора українського журналу «Маме-лошн», присвяченого мові їдиш (1993-98), та укладача нещодавно виданого їдиш-українського словника.

Наш голос: Їдиш-український словник


Media in Russian:

Ирена Карпа в Израиле. ФОТОСЕССИЯ

МЗ: Мамэ-лошн с украинским акцентом

JewishNews: Дмитрий Тищенко: Интерес к идишу появляется не только у евреев



Герой дня — Ирена Карпа
В Иерусалиме проходит Международная книжная ярмарка. Сегодня у нас в гостях украинский писатель, певица, журналист, телеведущая Ирена Карпа. (Russian-language Interview with Irena Karpa on Channel 9 in Israel)


Irena Karpa event photos are available here.

All photos by Miriam-Feyga Bunimovich
Dmytro Tyshchenko event photos are available here.



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