UJE’s food and language brochure: Redux

Borsch. Nalysnyky. Daruny. |Borsht. Blintses. Latkes.
Varied names. But the same food. And a shared heritage.

We invite you to enjoy a newly designed version of our popular brochure Ukrainian-Jewish Cross-Cultural Influences in Language and Cuisine.

It was originally created in 2015 for the Ukrainian Jewish Encounter’s hugely popular traveling community exhibit A Journey Through the Ukrainian Jewish Encounter: From Antiquity to 1914. The brochure was refreshed in May 2019 for an expanded version of the exhibition displayed at the Lviv Historical Museum.  Be sure to also try some of the wonderful recipes from Mary Kuschnir available in her cookbook Mamas’ and Babcias’ Best Recipes. Ukrainian food is wonderful any time of the year!

Please click image for pdf of brochure