Tablet Magazine: To Ukraine with love

As the daughter of Soviet Jewish immigrants, I used to call myself ‘Russian’—but a trip to Kyiv offered me a new perspective, and a new language

It was our last day in Kyiv. Soon I would return to the life I had always known in New York before moving to Ukraine three months prior — but on that day, rather than seek respite from the smoldering heat, my partner and I were in the Jewish section of the city's municipal cemetery, navigating a small jungle of poison ivy in a last-ditch effort to find my great-grandparents' graves.

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Alti Rodal: "I believe that truth and empathetic understanding of the traumas experienced by both Jews and Ukrainians fosters healing."

[Editor's note: Ukrainian Jewish Encounter's Co-Founder and Co-Director Alti Rodal discusses the organization's beginnings, purpose and the "Shared Historical Narrative" project in an interview with the scholarly journal Ukraina Moderna.] Alti, could you please tell...

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